Raspberry Lemonade Popsicles (The PERFECT Summer Treat😎)

Need a way to beat the summer heat?
Then our Raspberry Lemonade popsicles are a MUST.
It’s wonderfully sweet, tangy, refreshing, and #kidapproved✅
Plus, it’s so easy and inexpensive to make right at home for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll need:


🍋1 Can of Lemon Flavored Soda Water (we used Limoncello La Croix)

🍋1 Cup of Water
🍋2 Scoops of Thrive Elite BCAA+
🍋1 Cup of Chopped Raspberries


1) Add Soda Water, Water, and BCAA’s into a blender to combine.

2) Then stir in chopped raspberries.
3) Pour SLOWLY into each popsicle mold (be careful not to overfill)
4) Freeze for 3-4 hours, and ENJOY!
Best served during a perfect summer afternoon😎
☀️ ~ Jay