Seek Discomfort and Embrace Failure with Hugh Huffaker

Episode 275: Seek Discomfort and Embrace Failure with Hugh Huffaker

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Seek Discomfort and Embrace Failure with Hugh Huffaker


Hugh Huffaker is an entrepreneur and founder of multiple companies in the health and wellness space. One of his first endeavors, Cause Medic, a CBD skincare brand focused solely on the spa, health club and fitness industries, began after his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Trying to heal the leg spasms she was experiencing, Hugh researched how CBD could be used to help treat spasticity since traditional muscle relaxers weren’t working. Cause Medic has a proprietary micro-encapsulation process for increasing the solubility of CBD through the skin. The brand has its own dedicated spa, Cause Medic Spa, in Buena Vista Colorado, where all new cutting-edge CBD treatments are tested. Cause Medic has won multiple awards including Organic Spa Magazine’s “Top CBD Skincare Brand of 2020.”


In 2018, Hugh continued to concentrate on clean ingredients and green packaging and co-founded his next company, Clean Republic. Clean Republic is a healthier cleaning and disinfecting alternative to the harsh and harmful chemical cleaners, such as quaternary ammonium compounds, currently being used today. Hugh and his partner discovered that Hypochlorous Acid, the infection fighting compound found in human white blood cells, when synthesized correctly with only salt, water and electricity, is a 200x stronger germ-killer than bleach and safe for human health. Clean Republic is now registered with the EPA as a hospital-grade disinfectant and is registered to kill Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria. The brand was awarded the lowest rating of toxicity available for an EPA hospital-grade disinfectant. Clean Republic won the Better Homes & Gardens Best Disinfectant Award in 2021.


Hugh is an avid rock climber and outdoorsman. He lives in Colorado with his wife Thompsie.


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