SpaStar: A Labyrinth Walk To A Luxury Wrap With Special Guest Lori Crete

Episode 259: SpaStar: A Labyrinth Walk To A Luxury Wrap With Special Guest Lori Crete


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Hello beautiful humans, thank you for listening and supporting the Thrive Forever Fit Show. It truly means the world to me that you take time out of your precious day to listen to me ramble and rant about things I found entertaining, engaging, and meaningful.


In today’s episode Lori and I discuss creating something special, overcoming adversity and stepping into your power as we celebrate the second anniversary of her amazing creation: The Get Ready Wrap by SpaStar.


Lori Crete is a: 


Licensed Esthetician | Creator of Beauty | Founder of SpaStar™ 


For 20 years, Live Beautifully has been Lori’s signature tagline, and Living Beautifully is perfectly aligned with the SpaStar™ mission. Women honor beauty and self-care more than ever, and Lori believes that this movement deserves a luxury spa wrap.


Lori saw the need for an update in the self-care garment world and partnered with one of her long-time spa clients, a sought-after Los Angeles clothing designer – to create a spa wrap that you literally cannot wait to step into!




The Get Ready Wrap™ is a spa-chic faux wrap made for every body. A luxurious wrap designed with comfort and elegance in mind – no velcro, snaps, or bulky material that takes up too much room in your closet, laundry, or suitcase. Perfect for spa treatments, beauty rituals, special occasions, getting ready, makeup tutorials, travel, by the pool, lounging around, the gym bag, and hot flash moments.


SpaStar™ is the modern eco-chic, little black dress of self-care. The moment you put the SpaStar™ wrap on, you start to look and feel beautiful.There is no denying that beauty rituals are energizing! So whether you are investing in a spa treatment, getting ready for a big meeting, a special date, or winding down with a hot bath and a face mask, SpaStar™ will make your self-care ritual an eco-chic luxury experience.


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