Start Looking For A Way In Instead Of A Way Out

Episode 215: Start Looking For A Way In Instead Of A Way Out


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Hello beautiful humans, thank you for listening and supporting the Thrive Forever Fit Show. It truly means the world to me that you take time out of your precious day to listen to me ramble and rant about things I found entertaining, engaging, and meaningful.


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In this episode, I discuss the importance of looking for a way into your success instead of taking the easy path of quitting and making excuses.


Yep, it’s going to be one of those kinds of shows. So buckle up and get ready!


The truth is you can have results, or you can have reasons, but you can’t have both.


Trying is an open invitation to failure, just another way of saying, “If I fail, it’s not my fault. I tried.” ~ Tim Grover


It’s time for personal responsibility and accountability. No one is coming to save us, so we better get busy saving ourselves.


I believe in you and know you’re capable of greatness.


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❤️~ Jay


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