Team Jordan Update from Tingri!!!

Hello from Tingri, Tibet, China.  The team is all good.  Richard is keeping Jordan entertained.  Our Sherpas are super nice and they all have a great sense of humor.  We spend most of dinner laughing and enjoying each others company.  It’s definitely Jordan’s favorite part of the day when we all get together.  We are going to be a great team on the mountain.

Today we took a hike from the little (very little) village of Tingri to the top of a nearby hill and from the top we could see Everest.  It’s still a ways off in the distance, but Jordan was stoked to see it.  Well we all were, and in just two days we will be at the bottom of that mountain at the Chinese Base Camp.

There are several other teams who are paralleling our acclimatization schedule as we travel to base camp, so we are meeting people from all over the world along the way.  Today we had a group stretch in the sun outside our hotel.  In the sun you could easily have shorts and a t-shirt on.  The locals were intrigued by our group yoga/stretching.

Tomorrow we have a rest day here in Tingri and the whole group (a couple of other teams) will head to some local hot springs… we’ll let you know how that goes.  Meanwhile we are all at 15,000 ft and feeling good.  Richard had a bit of a headache in Nylam but he is over it now.

More later, thanks for all your kind messages and happy thoughts.

Team Jordan

Karen, Paul, Jordan, Richard, Dawa, Ang Pasang, Kharma, and Kumar

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