The 5 Truths of the Hero Spirit

Episode 162: The 5 Truths of the Hero Spirit


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In this week’s episode, I give you the truths about living with a hero level life. 


“Everyone Is Someone’s Hero….Act Accordingly” 


Truth #1: You are part of the universe and as such, you have a purpose and responsibility for being here. 


Truth #2: Your daily actions & interactions matter. And they matter on an epic level, no matter how small your actions or lack of actions are important. The impact you make matters. Be intentional with your thoughts, your words and your actions ~ be intentional with your life. 


Truth #3: The Boomerang Effect ~ Choose your thoughts, words and actions mindfully and intentionally as they will be returned to you. What you put out is what you get back. 


Truth #4: You matter. Your life matters. You’ve got to believe this with every ounce of your soul. 


Truth #5: If you can and truly believe in a higher Power, a higher Power that created you, then how can you not believe that God or the Universe created you not to matter? You have a universal contract to live a life of purpose and passion. 


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❤️~ Jay


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