I’m Going To Lose 60 Pounds In 6 Months!

Episode 112: The Declaration To Change ~ Day One of Ashley’s Six Month Journey


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“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao-Tzu


And the journey to lose 60 pounds in six months begins with making the public declaration that it will happen.


My client Ashley has agreed to document her journey to lose 60 in 6.


Start on December 1st will document her weight loss story with a declaration podcast that you can listen to on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and you can watch the interview on my YouTube channel ~ The Thrive Forever Fit Show with Jay Nixon and Thrive Forever Fit.


We will be doing a monthly update show around the first of every month to discuss her progress and the journey. This will be VERY real, honest, and raw. We will be talking about the great days and challenges that she faces along the way.


This project has a few purposes, but the main ones are to help Ashley drop the 60 pounds while motivating YOU to take action on your own personal journey.


If you’d like to get a front-row seat to support and encourage Ashley, you can join the Wellness Lab Launch Pad (FREE Facebook Group), where we will be posting process pics, videos diaries from Ashley, her workouts, her food, etc.… You will get an unedited view of the entire process.


Ashley, I’m PROUD of you and excited that I get to be a part of this incredible experience.


You’ve Got This, Buddy!


Let’s GO!!!


Health & Happiness,