The Desire To Be “Not Most People” with Guest Bradley Roth

Episode 145: The Desire To Be “Not Most People” with Guest Bradley Roth 


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In this week’s episode, my special guest Bradley Roth and I discuss the quest for freedom and the necessity to be uncommon to live an above-average life. 


Show Highlights: 

⭐️ Defining what it means to be “Not Most People” 

⭐️ My and Bradley’s great fear and how we overcome it 

⭐️ The importance of questioning common societal beliefs 

⭐️ Techniques for overcoming the overwhelm of life 

⭐️ The importance of movement (and nature) 

⭐️ Visualization: the challenge and awesomeness of the process And much more… 


And if you’re just interested, well, then don’t waste your time or the time of all those that you recruit to support you on your journey.


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❤️ ~ Jay 


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