The First Rep Is The Worst Rep

Click HERE to WATCH Episode 09 of Daily Thrive: The First Rep Is The Worst Rep


“The first rep is the worst rep” ~ watch the workout recap to see if you agree with me.


If you do, give me YES in the comments.


Here is an example of what I mean.


How many time have you caught yourself doing this ⬇️


#1. Stepping up to the weights…


#2. Thinking, waiting, and hoping somehow they will magically move.


***dumbbells never move on their own*** 🤷🏽‍♂️


My success tip and the BEST thing you can do is grab the weights and do that first rep IMMEDIATELY.


Don’t wait.


Don’t hesitate.


Just do it.


BONUS: make sure you watch all the way to end to get my most important success tip.  🛒


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5 Rounds:

10 Cal ARide

10 Donut Burpees

10 DB Thrusters

10 DB Step Ups