The Flood of Emotions

Episode 134: A Flood of Emotions


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In this week’s episode, we will talk about the process of growth and all the emotions that come along with the journey.


Unfortunately, success is not a linear path, and most of us have to be hit over the head with the metaphorical sledgehammer before we will step into our purpose.


I’m NO different.


I hope you can learn from my adversities and find your purposeful path faster and with fewer challenges than it took me.


Episode Highlights: 


#1. Success is not a linear path.

#2. Opportunities will be presented to you in the form of adversity.

#3. Always keep and elevate your standards will the challenges force you out of your comfort zone.

#4. Challenges are simply unanswered questions.

#5. Keep going regardless of the uncertainty and overwhelm.

#6. The reward is worth the struggle.

#7. You’re not alone. I’ve got your back.


Thanks for listening to the show.


❤️ ~ Jay


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