The Happy Hero Project

Episode 148: The Happy Hero Project 


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In this week’s episode, I discuss my latest project called The Happy Hero Project.


It’s actually more than a project. It’s a MOVEMENT, and I hope you’ll be a part of it.


Here is how the idea started and came to life.


You Are Someone’s hero.


Act Accordingly!


If this doesn’t make you sit up a little taller, then something is wrong with you.


Everyone is Someone’s hero.


Right now, there is at least one human that looks at you and to you for their next move.


They hang on your every word and emulate every action you take.


This makes you responsible!


From this moment on, you need to be better, think better, act and react better, speak better ~ everything you do has to get better.


It’s no longer just about you.


Heros are responsible.


You Are Someone’s HERO.


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We deserve HAPPY!


❤️ ~ Jay


If you’d like to join the movement, check out the website at HAPPY HERO PROJECT