The Magic Bullet You’ve Been Searching For

Episode 131: The Magic Bullet You’ve Been Searching For


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In this weeks episode I’m going to do my best to sell you on you.


Everyone else is trying to sell you on something external.


Think about the last advertisement you saw on SpaceBook or TV. It was trying to convince you that you need a pill, potion, lotion, workout video, device, special diet, etc.


Everyone from WW to Jenny to the latest social media guru tells you that all you have to do is drink this, eat this, do this workout, and are all full of shit.


And the truth is that you know they are full of shit, but you keep buying the pills, paying for the diet, and breaking your neck trying to do a workout that some jabroni made up in his mom’s basement.


My goal today is to STOP you from falling for this falling formula for the 50th time.


Today my goal is to try and convince you to buy in on you.


Today, I’m trying to sell you on you!


You’ve got everything you need. All you’ve got to do is find the belief system that allows you to access your full potential. The life you deserve and desire is already in you.


You must heal your pain, trauma, and tragedy, or the vices you’ve chosen will continue to control you for the rest of your life.


You must decide that you are stronger than your story and that you will use your past as a propeller to the future you desire.


Your story is WHY the external stuff doesn’t work.


The truth is that the external is necessary.


A proper nutritional intake is necessary to live at your maximum wellness. But, you already know what is good for you and what is not. You don’t need a guru to tell you that.


A proper workout routine is necessary to live at your maximum wellness. But, you don’t need a guru to customize a workout plan that is special for you.


TRUTH: I’ve got a client that is damn near 100 pounds down, and all she does is WALK.


If the external stuff worked, you would be in the EXACT body that you desire.


If the external stuff worked, you would never think about losing weight.


If the external worked, we wouldn’t be at an all-time high of obesity and preventable diseases.


If the external worked (insert any number of unhealthy statistics showing how we are going in the wrong direction as a world).


The bottom line is this team. The external stuff is not the answer to your problems.


You are the answer.


You are the solution.


You are the magic bullet.


Thanks for listening to the Thrive Forever Fit Show!


❤️~ Jay


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