The Mindset To Beat Cancer & Become A 10X World Champion ~ Rick Beardsell

Episode 158: The Mindset To Beat Cancer & Become A 10X World Champion ~ Rick Beardsell


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In this week’s episode, my guest Rick Beardsell and I discuss overcoming cancer, setting world records and creating a life that you look forward to living.


My favorite thing Rick said was: “I’m not doing this to be second place.


Highlights From This Episode: 

1. Don’t be afraid to rock the boat.

2. The drive for success and the understanding of hardwork came from watching his mom.

3. The mindset required to be success.


Here’s a little about Rick: 

Rick Beardsell ~ CEO of ShakeSphere

“I am a product designer and worked in Milan during my studies to help develop my knowledge and experience. I went on to become a masters 10X World Champion in 200m and 400m and picked up 2 world records along the way.

During my 15 years as an elite athlete, and having used hundreds of shakers I have harnessed my knowledge and skills to produce the ShakeSphere Tumbler. This 4 year process allowed me to address all the flaws with existing shakers in the market place.

12 months all clear and CANCER FREE.”


ShakeSphere Overview: 

“ShakeSphere designed with a capsule shaped mixing system (without the need for any mixing accessories) allows the consumer to drink 99.9% of the mixed supplements reducing costs dramatically by avoiding supplements getting stuck. It is therefore easy to clean and reduces smell. The ShakeSphere slide cap has a 100% leak proof silicone seal that when opening deposits any remanence back into the shaker each time to avoid waste. From the retailers we have spoken with many cease retailing shakers due to leakage issues. ShakeSphere tests 100% of the production line for leakage. By submerging a lid (with the slide cap in the closed sealed position) screwed on to a ShakeSphere bottle jig which is injected with air at high pressure from the base of the bottle we analyzed if any bubbles appear from the lid or slide cap. If this is the case, then rejected lid is recycled and the plastic melted and reused back at the beginning of the production line.

ShakeSphere is an award-winning shaker bottle manufacturer founded upon the needs of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and bodybuilders for a cleaner, cheaper protein-shaking solution. Reflecting the drive of our CEO and founder – Rick Beardsell, an elite sprinter with numerous World and European Masters titles – we strive to improve the health, wellbeing, and happiness of everyone who uses our products. We do so by combining the intimacy of a family business with a globally connected clientele across 22 countries.”


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