The Truth About Judgment

Episode 133: The Truth About Judgment


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In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about judgment.


There is a 100% chance you’re either being judged, have been judged, or are judging someone.


The TRUTH about judgment:


Judgment arises from unmet expectations. 

Judgment is a mirrored behavioral distortion.


This show is perfect if you are currently on a journey and you feel like those closest to you are not supporting you.



  1. Audit your input ~ be very aware of who and what you allow into your mindset. Audit all input and make the quick decision to either implement or eliminate.
  2. Stop making yourself available for people who make you feel bad or who are out of alignment with your happiness.
  3. If they weren’t there when you were struggling, they don’t get to have negative input on your journey when you’re winning.


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