This Is Taking 6 Years Off Your Life And It’s 100% Reservable ~ Dr. Morgan Nolte

Episode 298: This Is Taking 6 Years Off Your Life And It’s 100% Reservable ~ Dr. Morgan Nolte

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This Is Taking 6 Years Off Your Life And It’s 100% Reservable ~ Dr. Morgan Nolte


On today’s show, Dr. Nolte and I discuss the serious ramifications of uncontrolled blood insulin levels and insulin resistance.


DR. MORGAN NOLTE is a board-certified clinical specialist in geriatric physical therapy. Dr. Nolte’s expertise in tackling insulin resistance through scientifically backed health and wellness education has informed millions worldwide.


Insulin resistance is frequently a silent contributor to several widespread chronic health conditions, including Alzheimer’s, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. In fact, a startling 88% of adults experience some degree of insulin resistance.


The condition is both pervasive and easy to miss, making it that much more critical a topic to address. Dr. Morgan can discuss why changes to your listeners’ diet, lifestyle, and mindset are key to reversing the condition. The end goal isn’t simply weight loss, but body recomposition and long-term behavior change.


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