THREE GUILT-FREE Valentine’s Day Gestures❤️

THREE GUILT FREE Valentine’s Day Gestures ~ Give your partner ALL three for the trifecta of LOVE❤️


This week there will be over 40-MILLION Heart-Shaped boxes of chocolates purchases and consumed…


FUN FACT: Each one of those boxes contains about 2000 calories and over 300 grams of sugar.


And let’s be honest the last time cheap chocolates in a paper box were considered a good gift was when you were in the sixth grade.⁣⁣


Ladies, you deserve BETTER from us, but please don’t forget guys like to be spoiled too.


BONUS: These three gifts work outside of Valentine’s Day as well👍🏻


#1 TIME⏳


The gift of your undistracted, no cell phone insight time will mean more to your partner than any box of candy or any bundle of flowers ever could.⁣⁣


Trust Me!⁣⁣




I’m talking about deep and putting some thought into all the reasons you’re grateful for them, not just the easy to see superficial stuff.⁣⁣


A handwritten, heartfelt note from you will bring them more joy, happiness, and love than all the expensive steaks dinners money can buy. But, if your partner loves steak, make a damn reservation and take them for steak too. You never get in trouble for doing too much.☺️




Recreating a time from your past can be an excellent way of getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit.⁣⁣


Maybe it was your first date, first kiss, etc.… Make a reservation at the restaurant you went to on your first date. Take a walk to the place where you had your first kiss.⁣⁣


If these aren’t options based on location, then simply recreate the moment through conversation. Talk about the details and how you remember the moment.⁣⁣


The practice of positive reflection is a great way to tap back into the love you felt at that moment in time, no matter how long ago it was.⁣


Cheers to you and your Valentine ~ I wish you the perfect day of love!🥂


❤️~ Jay

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