Time Under Tension

Episode 95: Time Under Tension

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The purpose of today’s show is to help you get comfortable under tension.


Not only is it important that you develop the ability to positively apply tension to your body and brain it is imperative if you desire a life of awesomeness.


Your body and your brain are very similar to the respects of how they grow and evolve.


Both respond and grow based on Time Under Tension.


I will add the caveat that the tension needs to be POSITIVE with regard to the tension.


Positive Meaning: Intelligently applied with respect to the weight and intelligently processed with regard to mental tension.


You probably avoid tension because you have created the belief that it will create pain or damage.


And the truth is you’re correct. Growth, both physical and mental, will be uncomfortable processes.


Example: Weights create micro-tears in the muscle. This is how the muscle gets bigger and stronger. The body’s healing response kicks in, and in the process of recovering from the tears, the body builds a new layer of muscle and a new dimension of strength.


The very same metaphorical process happens with your mindset.


Time under positive tension creates discomfort and challenge.


You respond to this discomfort or metaphorical micro-tears by building new neural pathways.


Creating new pathways and circuits in your brain builds and fortifies a stronger, more resilient mental position.


AKA: Your MINDSET The lesson is: Don’t Avoid The Tension! Seek positive tension and embrace the process of growth.


Now go workout!


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Health and Happiness,

Jay Nixon