Training with the Pros!!!

Yesterday I had the privilege of hanging out with Tom Vachét.  I was introduced to Tom by a good friend of mine Albert Hannemann.  Al-B is a professional beach volleyball player.  Tom is a Master Trainer, Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Specialist, and Case Management Consultant, with a wide ranging expertise in health and fitness.  Tom is credited with resurrecting the career of NBA superstar and current Los Angeles Laker Derek Fisher.

Tom is also the mastermind behind CHAOS, Accelerated Performance Training™ method.  Clients are placed in a high stress, unstable environment, similar to that in which they have to compete. The workouts have no repeatable patterns, forcing continuous mental engagement, with no opportunity for adaptation, resulting in continuous improvement with no training plateaus. Although this style of conditioning is extraordinarily challenging, it is very safe, with an emphasis on maintaining proper biomechanics, with balance and stability.  Clients very quickly begin to realize functional strength and endurance improvements, reinforcing the work and inspiring continued effort.

Al-B and I meet Tom down in Hermosa Beach for one of Al-B’s training sessions.  I watched Tom put Al-B through a series of exercises and movements that lasted a solid hour.  During the hour the intensity level was at a 10 and the focus on form and technique was always present.  Tom is getting Al-b and several other AVP superstars ready for the upcoming 2010 season.

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It is always great to be introduced to someone who shares your same passion for fitness and nutrition.  Meeting Tom and watching him train Al-B made me proud to be part of the health and wellness community.  Thanks again Tom for the time and thanks Al-B for introducing me to a new friend.