Treat Your Body Like A Business

Episode 73: Treat Your Body Like A Business

In this episode, I will discuss how I treat all aspects of my life, including my body (health and fitness), like a successful business. 

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Power Takeaways From This Episode: 

1. Running your body like you would run a successful thriving business is the key to having the health and fitness you desire. 

2. Excess withdrawals lead to your business going bankrupt ~ the same concept applies to your body. Excess negative behaviors will bankrupt your body.

3. Successful businesses make more positive deposits than they down negative withdrawals. Again this applies perfectly to having a healthy body. 

4. Create a list of your daily activities and then write a deposit or withdrawal next to the action. Tally your + and – and see if you’re making money or losing money in your business (body).

5. Simplify the decision-making process is the key to long-term consistency and success

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Jay Nixon