Update Letter From Mount Everest!!!

It’s surreal sometimes to think we are walking in the footsteps of the legends that first attempted or climbed this Qomolungma, as it’s known here in China. The days are spent continuously organizing, planning for the next move…. and for Jordan at least 2 hours of homework, mostly of the Algebra nature.  Additionally, Jordan is managing the full evaluation of the team, using a daily assessment tool called the ‘Lake Louis Consensus”, it’s a survey that everyone rates any and all symptoms that altitude imposes. Every night at dinner, he surveys the team, and logs his research. Thus far, the team all has well above average scores. It’s an awesome learning tool.  Weather is simply unbelievable. The sun blazes up here, and the afternoon does kick up a breeze. Only 2 days have we had blustery/snowy weather. Night time temps do dip a bit, but that’s what our -40 sleeping bags are all about.  At base camp temps are about 48f to single digit at night. It’s all about to get a bit colder as we go higher.  Stay patient with us friends and family this is a long haul. The ‘normal’ summit attempts happen May 15-22, but not uncommon to be an early June. We’ve got plenty of supplies, and one unbelievable cook named Kumar and his assistant Tenzing. We normally plan to lose weight on these trips, but at the rate these meals are coming out of the kitchen tent, it’s not too likely. Jordan, well, seems he might be having another one of his growth spurts. We left US and he was 5′10″, 160lb, and we all agree that it looks as if he’s grown just in the 10 days. He woke up today and chatting with his tent mate Richard and Karen says ‘oh my, his voice is exactly like yours (dads) now’. Happens overnight.  Wow.  The most sincere hugs and thanks to all the friends and family from Jordan (in between Algebra assignments).  Last day at base camp, we had a good tough training day yesterday, all the way up to IBC (intermediate base camp) and back, we were all strong.  I don’t quite miss the food, as we have the BEST cook. I can’t even believe it.  I do miss my friends and family, especially my buds at school, and my dog Frankie.   Ad Alta

Hi from Karen Paul and Richard too!