Wake Up Call ~ Disruption, Inspiration, and Transformation

Episode 159: Wake Up Call ~ Disruption, Inspiration, and Transformation


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This weeks episode is all about your much needed wake-up call.


Wake Up Call ~ Disruption, Inspiration, and Transformation


When the majority of people are chronically ill, depressed, overweight/obese…


Maybe you shouldn’t be doing what the majority of people do.


It’s time to be different, folks.


It’s time to be disruptive in the way you think, speak and behave. I’m not talking about being louder than the mob, crazier than the mob, or more reckless than the mob.


I’m talking about you.


How YOU think!

How YOU speak!

How YOU act!


You won’t get personal or even societal change by following the herd.


As I said above, the herd is currently sick, depressed, overweight/obese, and walking a path to slaughter.


Get off that path and start living based on what you know is right.


If you believe in anything BIGGER than yourself. God, the Universe, anything then you have to know you weren’t born to be sick, depressed, obese. You weren’t born to walk a slow path to slaughter. You were born for more. You were born to live a life of abundance.


It’s time to wake up!


Listen, Like, and Share so that we can all begin to heal and get back to the Thriving awesomeness of the life we desire to live.


❤️ ~ Jay


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