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She was looking for support and accountability.

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Teresa says,

“June 18th was my first day, and I’ve never looked back! It was hard to teach myself how to eat healthily, but with the help & tons of support from this group, it’s working! My mindset has been so much better, as well! I feel happier in every aspect of my life! When I joined, I was hoping to lose 20lbs by my 50th birthday in January- my current weight is 157lbs! I’ve lost 43lbs!”


Teresa, we are SO PROUD of you!

Thank you for being an example of what happens when you decide to put yourself first!

We’re so excited to see what you will accomplish next!

If you’re looking for support and accountability, just like Teresa, you can find that in our Thrive Forever Fit Program.

Our next phase begins Tuesday, October 22nd!

You don’t have to live locally to join.

Teresa has proven that you can achieve success virtually!

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