Weakness Is A Choice

We MUST get tougher mentally.

So often we are derailed and even destroyed by the smallest things in life.

We have become mentally weak and fragile.

I hear people say stuff like: “I’m so overwhelmed with work right – this working 8 hours a day for five days straight is just so hard.”

When I hear this, I think back to my grandfather.

Floyd was a roughneck (oil field worker), and he never bitched or complained about work or life. **Floyd was also a World War II Veteran** The man was NOT afraid of hard work, and he was for sure not weak.

Some weeks he worked seven days in a row 16 hour days covered from head to toe in oil and shit. And in his line of work, a bad day meant someone got seriously hurt or killed.

He NEVER complained. He NEVER shut down. He NEVER called in sick. He NEVER quit.

What happened to us???
How did we become so weak???
Why are we afraid of hard work???

Floyd didn’t need medication to get through a hard day. Floyd did sit around talking about how awful the world was. Floyd never complained because his boss hurt his feelings.

Floyd simply went to work day in and day out to make a better life for himself and his family.

We MUST stop this unnecessary weakness peeps.

We MUST stop allowing life’s adversity from derailing us.

We are capable of greatness.
We are capable of doing hard things.

We are STRONG…..

But we have to start acting like it.

Next time you get sad because it’s Monday and you would rather sleep all day than go to work – ask yourself “What Would Floyd Do?”

Reread the above if you don’t know the answer.

Weakness is a choice!

Thank you, Floyd, for showing me what hard work looks like and what it means to be strong.


You were born to be GREAT!