What If…

If you’ve spent any time at all around me or listening to me, you know how much I believe that the words you use matter.

Example: I never use or allow any of my clients to use the following words or phrases: can’t, I guess, maybe, this always happens to me

You get the picture.

But even more important than the words we use is the MEANING we attach to the words.

Words with no meaning or emotion have ZERO power, but when we attach a meaning or emotion to them, watch out.

A perfect example of this is the phrase: What If

When 99% of people use the phrase “What if…” they attach a negative or painful emotion to the phrase.

It’s usually “What if this happens?” and the THIS is never good. Example: What if I don’t get the job – What if I don’t lose the weight but really if we break down all of the negative “What if’s” they all stem from this:

What if I fail? Or What if I don’t get what I want?

Don’t be bummed about this. I’ve got good news – actually GREAT news. You can change the meaning you attached to this phrase.

Turn your doubtful “what if” into a positive “what if” – a what if of endless possibility. A what if of achievement.

What if I win – What if I get the promotion I deserve –
What if I get everything I desire?

The change of your mindset around this two-word phrase can unlock the potential you have deep inside. A potential that is dying to come out but that has been buried for so long it doesn’t know how to present itself.

Simply changing the mean you attach to “what if” will uncage the person you were born to be.

Don’t allow the past to define your “what if” – burn the past, climb out of the dark and start “what if-ing” your way to the success you deserve.
Send me a message with your first positive “what if” today.

Make today GREAT.