What Kind Of Leader Are You? Coach Lewis Caralla

Episode 294: What Kind Of Leader Are You? Coach Lewis Caralla

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What Kind Of Leader Are You? Coach Lewis Caralla


In this episode of The Overweight Mind, Coach Lewis Caralla and I discuss leadership, overcoming adversity, and all things success.


My favorite Coach Caralla quote is: “Lazy people do a little work and think they should be winning, but winners work as hard as possible and still worry that they are lazy.”


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Coach Caralla’s New Book is called: Fire Lighters 365: Daily Motivational Messages For Coaches, Athletes, and Leaders


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This book, which consists of 365 Daily Motivational messages for Coaches, Athletes, and Leaders, is available on Amazon now.


Ever since I started coaching, my mission has been to make a difference in people’s lives.


As a strength coach, I spend more time with the players year-round than the other coaches do. Therefore, I’ve always given the players a message of the day after every lift or run. I’ve collected the most powerful and impactful ones here.


These messages cover many topics. They discuss perspective, toughness, resilience, setbacks, belief, frustration, inspiration, determination, gratitude, humility, work ethic, and leadership, to name a few.


As a coach, I truly believe that you’re wasting your platform if you’re not pouring your heart into your players. As a leader, if you don’t develop the people around you, they won’t be following you for long.


I’ll tell you now what I tell my players: Not every message will hit you the same. But one might change your life.


This book aims to provide a timeless guide for coaches, athletes, and leaders everywhere with a message of the day for an entire year.


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