What Will Your Legacy Be?

Episode 126: What Will Your Legacy Be?


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In this episode of the Thrive Forever Fit Show, I will share an aha moment about my legacy.


Spoiler Alert: I was wrong about what I thought it was, and I bet you that you are too.


I’m going to go light on the how notes because you’re going to gain extreme value from listening and hopefully applying.


Question For You:

#1 Who are you learning life from?

#2 Who’s learning life from you.

#3 Is your life an example or a warning?

#4 What will your legacy be?


I hope this episode gives you a new perspective on your legacy and that it inspires you to stop waiting and start creating yours today.


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See you in 2021 and see you in the Wellness Lab.


Thanks for listening to the Thrive Forever Fit Show!


❤️ ~ Jay