When Passion and Purpose Collide

I recently had the amazing opportunity to be on my friend Tommy Baker’s Resist Average Academy Podcast recently.

Web: https://resistaverageacademy.com/65/
iTunes: http://bit.ly/resistaverage65
Stitcher: Resist Average Jay Nixon

Here are a few things you will hear Tommy and I chatting about during this episode.

→ Why living your purpose changes everything
→ The power of waking up inspired
→ Why you don’t need to discover your passion
→ How to make your dreams real everyday
→ Why your language dictates your life
→ Change obligation to opportunity
→ What to do when you’ve tried everything
→ Why results are not about mechanics
→ How to upgrade your hardware in life
→ Why perspective matters in life
→ The real reason you’re not losing weight
→ How to never let self-doubt control you
→ Protecting your energy in a negative world
→ Asking the right questions for thriving
→ Why you’ll leave others behind as you grow
→ Why Jay wrote ‘The Overweight Mind’
→ How to spot the critics in your life
→ How to fall in love with the process

Thanks as always for all your love and support!