When Whatever Turns Into WTF

Episode 69: When Whatever Turns Into WTF

Welcome to Season Three of the Thrive Forever Fit Show

In this episode, I will discuss how the use of “Whatever” is taking you down a path that leads to waking up in a WTF situation.

The use of disempowering language like “whatever” is holding you hostage in life you actually don’t want to be in.

Every time you use vocabulary like this, you give your power away to a person, person, or thing, and through this forfeiture of power, you get the leftovers of life.

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Power Takeaways From This Episode:

1. The words you use either make you stronger or weaker.

2. Weak, disempowering language leads to a life of toleration.

3. You’ve been programmed through your environment and experiences to expect the life that is giving to you as opposed to going after the life you desire.

4. The easiest and fastest way to change your life is by changing your language ~ the use of empowering vocabulary changes the brain’s neural pathways and builds a belief system that sets you up to win.

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