Will Your 2019 Be Abundant or Average?

The FIRST episode of Season 2 of the Thrive Forever Fit Show is LIVE.

Episode 29: Will Your 2019 Be Abundant or Average? Listening To This Podcast Will Improve Your Odds Of Abundant By 92%

It’s that time of year again.

People are making resolutions, declarations and shouting from the rooftops that this year is going to be different.

The truth is that this year won’t be different. In all honesty, it’s probably going to be worse.

You most likely you’ll end 2019 in worse shape physically, emotionally and financially.

I know, you’re thinking “WTF Jay” you’re supposed to be Mr. Positivity.

Listen I’m not trying to be Debbie The Downer, but I can’t lie to you and tell you it’s all going to be better because you’ve set a goal.

You see less than 8% of ALL New Years Resolutions are achieved. That’s an awful percentage, and it shows that most people don’t follow through with their BIG PLANS.

If we’re really honest, most people don’t even believe the declaration when they make it. They know they aren’t going to do the work necessary to make a dream come true.

And they know this because they’ve been breaking the same promises to themselves year after year after year.

And at this point, they have zero self-confidence or belief.

If you’ve, you’re still reading and haven’t sent me nasty email or text I’ve got some good news for you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

2019 doesn’t have to SUCK.

It can actually be amazing.

See, Mr. Positivity is back. I just had to get your attention because I’m tired of watching you struggle.

Here’s the deal, if you’re willing to lose the – I’ve got all the answers – do it your way BS – I can help you make 2019 the BEST year of your life, and all it’s going to cost you is your current way of thinking, speaking and behaving.

Yep, you’re going to have to kill that old story and agree to write a new one.

You in?

If you said HELL YES, I’m in Jay, you’re ready for the next step. If you paused and thought maybe, you’re not ready and I’ll see you in 2020.

For all my HELL YES peeps let’s GO!!!

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Disclaimer: Be prepared for the most amazing year of your life. And I can’t be held responsible for all the awesomeness you’re going to experience. Buckle Up!!