Working Out with Mr. T!!!

It all started about 6 months ago.  I was at the Post Office and I saw two ladies getting their photo taken with what thought was a homeless man.  Most people would think this was strange, but for those of you who live in LA, it’s just a typical Wednesday afternoon.  As I approached my car I heard the homeless man speak.  No, he didn’t say I pity fool, but his voice was unmistakable.  It was Mr. T, aka B.A. Baracus or Clubber Lang for all you Rocky fans.  Anyway, he was almost unrecognizable.  He was a mere shadow of his former self or at least of my memories of him from TV.  He was also not wearing his trademark 50 pounds of gold chains.

About a week after that I started seeing Mr. T at my gym everyday.  Keep in mind this is LA, so this is not a big event and probably wouldn’t be considered a star sighting.  No one talks to him and he almost goes about his business unnoticed.  I on the other hand I am a bit fascinated by the whole thing.  Not because he was a former TV star, but because of his attire and behavioral characteristics.

I will start with the way he dresses.  This is not an exaggeration, I have probably seen him 30 times at least in the gym and ever time he has had on the same exact clothes!  Here is what one Mr. T likes to wear to the gym:

  • White shoes (can’t tell the brand as they are because they are so old the design has worn off – we will call them vintage)
  • Old school blue sweat pants with the elastic in the bottoms
  • 3 shirts layered – the bottom shirt is a long sleeve baby blue Sauna Suit (these are made to help you lose weight by sweating), white t-shirt in the middle, and a camouflage t-shirt on top.
  • Bright orange skull-cap (it’s the color orange that highway workers wear so that cars can see them)

Now to the behavioral portion of my Mr. T case study.  Again, remember I have seen him a minimum of 30 times in the gym.  The only exercise I have ever seen him perform is a bicep curl.  He is on the same machine every time I see him, the seated bicep curl machine.  I am sure that 99% of you find this a strange as I do.  First, I am a big believer in wearing what makes you feel good, but not the same outfit everyday!  Secondly, anyone who has ever worked out a day in their life knows that you don’t do the same thing everyday.

So I guess the title is a bit misleading, because I actually don’t workout with Mr. T.  Maybe I will try to Face Book friend Mr. T and recommend that he become a fan of my page and blog.  This way he might learn something about working out, but then what do I do when he reads this post?  Maybe I will just keep or relationship the way is now, something’s are better left alone.