You Get What You Tolerate

Episode 76: You Get What You Tolerate 

In this episode, I discuss how your standards dictate your future. 

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Power Takeaways From This Episode: 

1. Are your standards in congruence with the life you desire to live? 

2. You will only get out of life what you are willing to tolerate. 

3. Thought, Words, and Actions must be in alignment for you to succeed. 

4. My daily standard for myself: “Today I will leave every person, place, and thing better than how I found it. I will lead with love and light in all of my encounters. I will shine the brightest in the darkest hours, and I will be the rock for those who seek a better way. I will hold place and space for those in need of help. Today I will be the change I seek in the world.”

5. This might be to the most valuable message of the whole podcast: ~ write this down ~ “When setting expectations, no matter what has been said or written, if substandard performance is accepted and no one is held accountable ~ if there are no consequences ~ that poor performance becomes the new standard.”

6. Powerful reminder from Kekich’s Credo ~ #4 Real regrets only come from not doing your best. All else is out of your control. You’re measured by results only. Trade excuses and “trying” for results, and expect half-hearted results from half-hearted efforts. Do more than is expected of you. Life’s easy when you live it the hard way… and hard if you try to live it the easy way.

7. Truth: The further you move away from accountability, the weaker you become!

8. The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.

9. The steps to raising your standards and living a life of purpose and passion.

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