You Must Believe You Deserve It

Episode 68: You Must Believe You Deserve It 

In this episode, I will help you shift your mindset from “I wish I could have that” to “I deserve to have that.” 

This shift is crucial for success in every area of life. Because the hard truth is that you will never have more than you believe you deserve. 

And as you know, I am the person that believes you can be, do, and have everything you desire if you’re willing to apply the effort to your life to achieve it.

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Power Takeaways From This Episode:

1. Everyone wants to have something that they aren’t willing to work hard enough to get. 

2. The thing for me was writing my first book: The Overweight Mind. 

3. How did I shift from wanting to doing? Support, Accountability, Modeling ~ I joined a mastermind group. 

4. All areas of your life require you to up-level to achieve the things you desire. This includes making more money, be healthy and fit, and having a great fulfilling relationship. 

5. You must be willing to give up your current state of perceived comfort in-order to get the real happiness you desire. For me, this was quitting a six-figure job I hated to start a career working within my purpose and passion. 

6. You must make the decision that you will go all-in and apply the effort necessary to win. This means burning your boat, not having a plan B, and giving up all those safe excuses you’ve been using for years.

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