Your Holiday Party Survival Guide🥂

Holy Santa Clause I can’t believe there are only 18 days left in the year! 

And we all know what that means, HOLIDAY PARTIES galore and some joker at the mall dressed up in a red suit that smells like a mix between mothballs and bourbon. 

But not to fear friend I’ve got your “what the heck am I gonna take to that party” handled. 

You’re gonna bring your world-famous Charcuterie Board and dazzle the party-goers with a delicious assortment of tasty treats. 

I’m mean technically it’s my world-famous C~Board but sharing is caring and you know I’m always here to keep you happy and healthy. 

#JayApproved Charcuterie Board Survival Guide

Cheers to a fun, fabulous and fit holiday party season.

Thrive Forever Fit Team

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