Your Mindset Is A Muscle

What’s the one MUSCLE you can workout every day, and you don’t need weights or even a gym membership for that matter?

It’s not your abs!

It’s not your legs!

It’s not your arms!

It’s your MINDSET, and YES, your mindset is a muscle.

All you need is a pen and paper, and ten minutes of uninterrupted time.

In Episode 64 of the Thrive Forever Fit Show, I help you understand the importance of training your mindset just like you do your biceps.

The more in shape your mindset becomes, the less likely you are to be affected by day to day adversity.

We all know you can’t go to the gym once and get into great shape.

Your mindset is the same.

You can’t read one book or listen to one podcast and expect to have a strong mind.

Here’s today’s MINDSET WORKOUT ~ Listen to Episode 64: Your Mindset Is A Muscle

Wishing You Health & Happiness,

Jay Nixon

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