You’re Not Designed To Lose Weight

Episode 151: You’re Not Designed To Lose Weight


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Wait, WTF are you talking about, Jay!


In this week’s episode, I discuss the truth about why it’s so freaking challenging for you to lose weight.


Truth #1: You are actually not designed to lose weight.


Truth #2: All the hacks and tricks you’re trying are causing you more weight loss problems.


Truth #3: There are no secret tips or formulas that will help you lose weight faster.


Truth #4: The process of losing weight is going to suck. This is why most people don’t do it.


Stop crying. It gets better. I promise.


Truth #5: Your weight loss journey must start in your brain and not your belly.


Truth #6: I’m gonna help you.


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I’m gonna tell you the truth and give you the steps you can follow to actually lose weight, keep it off and not feel starved, deprived, or tortured.


Thanks for listening!


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