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The Perfect Post Exercise Meal

By admin | Fitness , Nutrition

The Perfect Post Exercise Meal I have received a ton of messages all asking the same question: “What should I eat after I workout…What do you eat Jay?” I figured the best answer was just to show you exactly what I have after every training session. Ingredients: *sfh Pure Whey: 1 scoop *Chia Seeds: 1 […]

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6 Steps That Changed My Clients Body, Mind and Life Forever

By admin | Body Fat Detox , Fitness , Health , Nutrition , Obesity , Personal Development , Weight Loss

 6 Steps To Better Health & Lasting Weight Loss    In order to achieve your goal of better health and lasting weight loss you must follow these 6 steps: Fix in your mind the exact amount of weight you desire to lose.  It is not sufficient to merely say, “I want to lose weight.” Be definite about the amount of […]

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