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Jay’s 30 Day Project Mayhem Challenge! Did I Reach My Goal?

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My Personal Project Mayhem Challenge Details: Duration of challenge 30 days 2 workouts per day (60 workouts total) Clean diet (no cheat meals or dirty foods for 30 days) see below for more details Only allowed to use 4 supplements for the 30 days (see list below) Goal: Drop Body Fat From 8.9% Down to […]

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Why Is Everyone Using This Protein?

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The Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Whey Protein CONCENTRATE Whey protein concentrate has been found to have a variety of health benefits, including: •Helping your insulin work more effectively, which helps maintain your blood sugar level after a meal — This is important as research suggests lowering your blood sugar levels after meals may be more […]

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Complementing Cancer Treatment with Exercise

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Exercising can be a great addition and complement to anyone’s life, especially to those individuals who are battling cancer. Whether you have just reached the point of putting your cancer into remission or you were just diagnosed with a cancer like mesothelioma, exercising more regularly can be a great thing for you and your overall […]

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