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The Quest Is Over – Our New Protein Bar

By admin | Health , Nutrition

As you know, Quest Bar has changed their formula. They have added some unhealthy ingredients and, for this reason, we will no longer be including them in our healthy lifestyle plans. Without getting into crazy detail, they have replaced the pre-biotic fiber Inulin with Soluble Corn Fiber. SCF is a MUCH cheaper product and doesn’t […]

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The Perfect Post Exercise Meal

By admin | Fitness , Nutrition

The Perfect Post Exercise Meal I have received a ton of messages all asking the same question: “What should I eat after I workout…What do you eat Jay?” I figured the best answer was just to show you exactly what I have after every training session. Ingredients: *sfh Pure Whey: 1 scoop *Chia Seeds: 1 […]

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Might as well face it, you’re addicted to…

By admin | Nutrition

Junk Food Junkie? Might as well face it, you’re addicted to…Carbs!!! You thought I was going to say love? The Highly processed kind (cookies, cake and bread) activate the nucleus accumbens, the same part of the brain affected by drugs and gambling.  In basic terms they light up your pleasure and excitement region of the […]

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