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Coconut Pancakes

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Shhh… A #JayApproved Recipe That Even The Kids Will Enjoy New #JayApproved Recipe In The Books…. If you’re anything like me and have always loved the smell of hot pancakes cooking in the morning, this is the recipe for you. ​ These #JayApproved low carb, fluffy Coconut Flour Pancakes are perfect for indulging on a slow Sunday […]

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Tired of Eating BORING Broccoli? This #jayapproved Meal Is Going To Make Your Whole Family Happy

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NEW #JayApproved Recipe In The Books…. Almond Crusted Salmon with a side of Broccoli Mash One of our super easy to make recipes that will be perfect for you and the entire family to enjoy. I was surprised of how easy and quick this recipe was to make. From start to finish I was able to eat […]

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