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Is Doing Cardio Making You Fat?

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Question: Just heard this from a doctor on a talk show. “Long endurance training is metabolically damaging.” Thoughts on this statement? Answer: Here are my thoughts on the statement “long endurance training¬†can be¬†metabolically damaging”. Here’s why: Your metabolism (your metabolic rate) is the most important factor when it comes to fat loss (burning body fat). […]

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Don’t Go To The Grocery Store Hungry

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Going to the grocery store when you are starving is a MAJOR diet saboteur. 3¬† simple tips to ensure a “healthy grocery store” excursion: 1. Eat consistently throughout the day.¬† This will prevent the “I’m starving” syndrome. 2. Always keep an emergency protein bar and/or bag of almonds in your bag or car. ¬†This will […]

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