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You've undoubtedly spent countless hours planning the content you want to deliver to your audience and probably just as many hours trying to determine how to present all of the nuts and bolts that you must convey without losing the attention and focus of your audience.

If you've planned events before, you know that no matter how interesting the information being delivered is or how eager your audience is to learn it, there will be times when the energy of the room will dip and attention spans will wane.

Authenticity and Humor

I love listening to Jay!! He speaks with authenticity and humor. I love that everything is about being your best self not just losing weight or working out in a certain way. It's showing up in the world differently. We could all use more of that. Thanks Jay!!

Teri Eastin

Jay is a Mindset Master!

Jay Nixon is such an inspirational speaker! His powerful message is not only about being your best self, but as you are doing it, to lift others up with you. He is the Mindset Master!!!! Thank you Jay for all you do!

Kelly Bovone

Meet Jay Nixon

Jay Nixon is a speaker, author, mentor and coach whose mission is to help each and every person achieve their “absolute best self.” He is the owner of the Thrive Fitness Studio in Palm Desert, California and the grateful leader of the Thrive Tribe - a collection of Jay’s current and former clients who work together to improve their health, their fitness, and their lives.

For over two decades, Jay has helped thousands of people achieve total body transformation through a cohesive combination of fitness, nutrition, and personal development coaching. Jay believes, “If you give people the right tools, education, and support, they can far surpass what they once thought was their maximum potential.” He’s known for his innate ability to get inside someone’s head, helping him/her achieve life-changing results.

Recognized as a Lululemon Ambassador and dubbed by CBS News as, “One of the best fitness and nutrition experts in the business,” Jay has been featured on ABC and FOX, and in Triathlete Magazine. When he’s not working with clients one-on-one, you’ll find him consulting for Fortune 1000 companies in the nutrition and fitness industry.

Your audience deserves more... they deserve the BEST!

I could listen to Jay every day!

I could listen to Jay Nixon's powerful inspirational message about life, gratitude, and lifting yourself up through lifting those around you every single day. Of all the speakers at a recent event, he was the one that really reached me and helped me get through what was turning out to be a really tough week. Change your mind, change your life! Thank you, Jay!

Jeffrie Chambers

With easy to remember tools to stay the course!

Jay Nixon never disappoints! His incredible knowledge and understanding of people, as well as his great sense of humor, is why he is my favorite speaker. He is able to unlock any stuck mindset to open anyone to new, healthy possibilities for their life. Jay is responsible for my "rebirth" of energy and drive to be my best self! Jay doesn't just motivate others, he inspires and educates with easy to remember tools to stay the course.

Pam Vendetti

Core Talks & Keynotes

TOPIC: Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

I believe that to be successful at anything in life you MUST have the right mindset. Implementing my 80% Mindset 20% Mechanics formula will allow you to achieve all your goals and dreams.

*Based on Jay's hot bestseller, The Overweight Mind

TOPIC: You Are Your Habits

Success is not one big thing. Success is a series of little things done over and over extremely well. My system of creating positive habits will have you moving closer and closer to being your best self every day.

*Based on Jay's wildly popular, results based Thrive Tribe Experience

TOPIC: Creating Your Circle of Success

Your success is a direct reflection of the people you spend the most time with - it's the power of proximity. I will teach you how creating a powerful circle of success is the key to getting everything you desire. 

*Based on Jay's wildly popular, results based Thrive Tribe Experience

*Customized Talks in the areas of Motivation, Mindset, Growth, Success, Nutrition, or Fitness to specifically address YOUR unique audience's needs. Jay will work with you to create a power packed, high energy, engaging presentation AND help you figure out the best place to put it in your program schedule.

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