“I’m Going to get in Shape This Year”

5 Tips to Help You Achieve Your “I’m going to get in shape this year” Goal

1.  Leave your cell phone in the car! If you can text, talk or Facebook, you are not working out!

2.  The machines are not resting stations. You are not at the gym to sit down or talk on your phone.  You should be in consent movement from the time you enter the gym until you get in your car to drive home.  You don’t need to rest in-between sets.  I rest about 10 to 15 seconds between sets, just enough time to change the weight or get a sip of water.  You are supposed to be tired and out of breath…this is a good thing.

3.  Stop doing the weighted ab machine!  You know the one I’m talking about.  You sit down, grab the handles and start crunching like a crazy person.  This is NOT going to help you lose weight or give you “abs”.  The ONLY way to see those elusive abdominal muscles is to lose the layers of fat they are hiding behind.

4.  Stop “walking” on the treadmill!  Walking is not exercise, if it was we wouldn’t be having this conversation and we would all be fit and healthy.  RUN!!!  I’m not saying you have to run fast or far, but you do have to run….and yes, I know it’s hard.

5.  Hire a trainer!  Not some joker with an online certificate from Bob’s Personal Training Certification.  A real trainer who knows what they are doing.  Find a training that looks like you want to look.  If he or she is not in AMAZING shape do NOT hire them.  As someone who helps people with their health and fitness I feel like it is my responsibility to be a great shape.  My body is my business card and I feel like I owe it to the people who trust me with the fitness to take my personal fitness seriously.

Bonus Tip: Train Hard, Eat Clean and Have Fun!!!

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