20 Minute Full Body Meltdown

#dailythrive Episode 10: 20 Minute Full Body Meltdown Workout


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Some workouts leave you wanting more, and others leave you lying on the floor.


This is one of those ends up on the floor days.


It’s pure awesomeness with a side dish of nastiness.


And I can’t wait to do it again!


I refer to a workout like this as a “GUT CHECK.”


There is nowhere to hide.


It’s just 20 minutes of pick shit up, put shit down, repeat.


The key thing to remember for a workout like this is HWPO ~ HARD WORK PAYS OFF!


Grab yourself an Elite BCAA+ and get ready for a great session.


Make sure you comment below and let me know how you end up after this GUT CHECK. (hopefully not on the floor like I did)




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5 Rounds:

-25 YD Sled Drag

-25 YD Sled Pull

-30 KB Step Ups

-250M Row