Episode 92: Booby-Trapped


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In the week’s episode, I discuss why the path of least resistance is always booby-trapped.


This is true in areas of war and all areas of life.


The wish is that that path to success is a straight line.


The reality is that the line is rarely straight, and it requires grit and determination and advanced navigating skills.


Eco-Challenge ~ Adventure Racing ~ Military ~ YOU


Weight Loss: The hack, the quick fix, the fad, the magic pill, or potion ~ the bright shiny object. We know that the only real formula for weight loss or overall quality health is committed consistency to the basics. The basics are boring to most people. And when humans get bored and lazy, they get complacent, and complacency leads to looks for a short cut or the path of least resistance.


In war, this is when you end up dead.


Money: The get rich quick scam, the pyramid, the MLM, the gold mine in Arizona that sounds too good to be true.


All of the above will leave you broke and jobless.


Relationships: The lousy relationship you know isn’t right (the settler), the vacation tender hook-up that you think is the real thing, that stripper from Vegas who keeps DM’ing you to come to the club.


All of the above will leave you broke, alone, and living in your mom’s spare bedroom when you’re 40.


Follow the basic rules of survival. If it’s too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true. The path of least resistance is always lined with booby traps.


Create your path with consistent, committed, focused, and intentional actions. This is the right way to succeed. It’s the only way to succeed.


There is a Nick Saban quote that I think about often:

Average players want to be left alone.

Good players want to be coached.

Great players want to be told the truth.


Using that quote as the analogy, it’s the average players that look for and take the path of least resistance.


And it’s the great players that create the path.


Well, what about the good player’s Jay? What path do they take?


The coachability of a good player makes them smart enough to follow the great players on the path they’ve created.


It goes back to the statement that success leaves clues.


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