Check The Box Mindset

Episode 96: Check The Box Mindset 


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In this episode, I will tell you why your “check the box” mentality holds you back from all your success.


Checking the box is the equivalent of getting excited about receiving a participation ribbon.


Not only is it holding you back, but it creates a damaging false belief that you’re doing everything you can.


It has become your best and deadliest excuse. Because if you’re checking the box and doing everything you “can,” then it must be someone else’s fault.


Let me explain before you get pissed and throw your phone with me on it out the window.


But before I do, let me make you a promise.


If you listen to this full episode, drop the check the box lifestyle and begin to do things with 100% purpose and passion, your life will change forever.


Bold? Yes!


True? You bet your sweet ass it’s true! Not only have I validated in my own life, I have thousands of clients who have stopped checking boxes and started cashing checks.


I know that doesn’t make a ton of sense, but it sounded very ballerish, so I thought I drop it on you.


The Question: How is the check the box mindset holding you back and keeping you stuck? 


Let me give you a few scenarios and analogies that will shine a light on the deficiency and destruction of this behavior.


The gym/working out is a perfect example of a place and activity that 90% of people use the check the box mentality.


Treadmill Nancy walks and talks and never breaks a sweat.


Showing up to a workout and merely going through the motions instead of applying positive tension and getting better is crazy.


Why even show up if you’re doing it to check a box and not actually to get better?


The same check the box downfalls happen in all the areas of our lives.


Relationships ~ and then they fail, and we can’t figure why. “Yea, love you too…..” ~ Date night only on your anniversary (you baller you).


Money ~ and then we are broke and can’t afford the life we desire. “I went to work today… me.”


We, as a society ~ You, as an individual, must get rid of this check the box way of life. It’s the only way we get better. It’s the only way we get to live the lives we deserve and desire.


I’m going to leave you with this:

Average people check the box and proclaim a job completed. Elite level people know that there is no box because their goals are too big to be contained, and the thought of a participation ribbon makes them sick. 


You are not average, my friends! 


Continue to execute at the highest level, and all your goals will become a reality.


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Thanks for listening to the Thrive Forever Fit Show!


Health and Happiness,

Jay Nixon