Always Confident, Sometimes Wrong

#dailythrive Episode 08: Always Confident, Sometimes Wrong.


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My motto in life is “ALWAYS Confident…Sometimes Wrong.”


On this occasion, I was REALLY WRONG. 🤣


Now I know what you’re thinking, “But Jay how can that be?”


Trust me I was just as surprised as you are!


My original POA (plan of action) was to go 5 rounds in this Kettlebell ~ Ball Slam ~ Assault Bike Extravaganza.


This video will show you that even the best plan sometimes has to be changed mid-fight.


I realized that even though my EGO was screaming “KEEP GOING MFer!” My rational 45-year-old brain was saying, “Hey bro (yes, he calls me bro) we might want to rethink this shit plan of yours and just do three rounds of this shit show.”


I’m happy to report that wisdom won the fight and I only did three save myself to play again tomorrow.


I know you’ll love this KB Ball Slam Ladder Workout ~ It was a blast!


Comment below and let me know how you handle this monster workout!


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**Descending KB w/ Ascending BS + Air Squats**

AB 25 Cal

10 KB Swings

10 Balls Slams

10 Air Squats