4 Steps to Regaining Your Lost Momentum

4 Steps To Regaining Your Lost Momentum


In the week’s episode, I discuss why it’s 100% normal that you have lost momentum. Plus, I give you a proven four-step strategy for creating positive momentum. You’re going to love it.


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First, let’s touch on the four common reasons people lose momentum.


1. Broken Promises: Breaking promises to yourself destroys self-belief and builds negative momentum

Chapter 8 of The Overweight Mind is titled “What You Do In The Dark” ~ What you do when no-one is watching either builds or destroys momentum.


2. Lack of Accountability: Who will ever know? You WILL and truth be told that is all that matters because that is what destroys your belief that the process will work.


3. You Don’t Believe In Yourself: You’ve broken promises to yourself so many times that you no longer believe your on BS.


4. It’s Too Hard: You have convinced yourself it will be hard, and humans avoid things that we perceive as difficult or hard.


Now onto the four-step strategy.


4 Steps To Creating Positive Momentum:


1. Public Declaration: You need to tell everyone, and I mean everyone what you are doing. The more people you tell what you’re doing, the less likely you will be to quit.


2. Accountability: This can’t be your friends. Your friends are just as lazy and unmotivated as you are. Let’s face it. We are who we hang around. If your friends were strong enough to motivate, inspire, or lead you, they would have already done it, and you wouldn’t be where you are.


3. The Decision: Decided you’re with it!


4. Action: You must take simple and consistent actions that build positive momentum. When you defer action, the likelihood of you actually doing what you said you were going to do drops by 87.36% because you stay on the someday hamster wheel. I” ll start tomorrow, I’ll start after July 4th, I’ll begin after my vacation, I’ll start after C19 ends, and the truth is you won’t. START NOW.


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