Don’t Step In The Dog Sh*t

Don’t Step In The Dog Sh*t

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Today show is designed to help you stay sane amid our current toxic social media-driven madness.


I’m going to start with this little thought that will help you the next time you get thoroughly pissed off and write a 27-page response or rebuttal to something you read online.


“Getting offended by something posted on social media is like choosing to step in dog shit instead of walking around it.”


I have a meme saved on my phone. It’s a picture of Will Ferrell with a smirk on his face. The caption reads: “Admit it, you sometimes listen to stranger’s conversations and think to yourself, “You are a stupid motherf@&ker.”


This same thought process applies to life on social media.


First of all, my goal is NOT to consume nonsense, so I try to stay away from all forms of media, including social. But occasionally, I find myself captivated by the circus that is Facebook.


And every time this happens, I leave thinking that exact quote from the Will Ferrell meme and my hope from a better world diminish a little with each post I read.


I’ve decided to do this podcast today because I know so many of you feel the same way that I do, and we need to be better at how we handle these trips to the circus.


I call it the “Move Along Mentality” ~ meaning if you find yourself in the middle of the three-ring social media circus, take a pause, don’t step in the dog shit, and get out of the tent as fast as possible.


This will save your sanity and stop you from feeling anxious, depressed, or pissed off.


I remind myself of this every time I hear or read something that registers on my WTF did you say meter.


People can only think, act, and speak from their level of evolvement and their position of perspective.


There is a line in a country song that says: “You Can’t Change A Made Up Mind.”


Remember that the next time you think you’re ranting is going to convert someone from their way of thinking to yours.


Here is the current state of the world if you disagree with someone.


Disagreement or even a slightly varying opinion equals I hate you, and you’re the dumbest person on the planet. And now I must try to destroy you.


Social media isn’t a place for intelligent conversation. It’s a place for grandiose, shock level statements that incite emotion and overreaction. Don’t get caught up in the keyboard warrior life of bullying, shaming, and saying shit you’d NEVER say to someone’s face.


Avoid the dog shit and live a happy life.


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Health and Happiness,

Jay Nixon