Opportunity 2020 The Shift In Perspective

Episode 81: Opportunity 2020 The Shift In Perspective

In this episode, I discuss how I’m viewing our current situation as a golden opportunity.

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Power Takeaways From This Episode:

1. Our current situation is an opportunity.

2. Is this making you better or bitter? ~ remember it’s a choice.

3. What’s one thing you’ve learned about yourself during Opportunity 2020?

4. What’s one thing you’ve created or taken advantage of during Opportunity 2020?

5. Stop playing the blame game ~ it’s a lose-lose waste of time for you.

6. Opportunity 2020 has uncovered insecurities in your life and has also given you the time to correct them.

7. Has your perspective of life changed during Opportunity 2020?

8. Taking advantage of the gift of time!

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