You’ve Got This (My 6-Step Guide For Overcoming Adversity)

Episode 102: You’ve Got This (My 6 Step Guide For Overcoming Adversity)


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In today’s episode, I’m going to explain why this isn’t more than you can handle ~It’s just more than you expected.


I know it might be hard to believe right now, but I promise it’s 100% true.


You will, or should I say, you can come out of this uncertainty in a better place than you went in.


Will it be easy ~ NO!


Will it be worth it ~ YES!


The truth is that even some of the strongest put together people I know are in the middle of an identity crisis.


Who the hell am I and what the hell am I supposed to do now? This is a common phrase I’m hearing from friends, peers, and connections.


So it’s not uncommon or weird for you to be feeling this way too.


But here’s why you’re different and why you’re going to make it out the other side in a better place.


You know this disruption is an opportunity. You may not know exactly what to do, but you know forward is the only way out.


You are inspired to take action. You may not know precisely what action to take, but the fact that you’re listening to this show is a great sign.


You’re ready for the transformation that always comes from overcoming adversity.


So now what!


Follow these simple actions to move towards the transformation you deserve and desire.


#1 Write This Down: My current situation is not more than I can handle ~ It’s just more than I expected.


#2 Objective Inventory: Take a brutally honest inventory of where you are with your Foundational 5 (Fitness ~ Food ~ Family ~ Finances ~ Faith). This must be done with radical honesty and zero judgment. This is the only way you will see things as they truly are instead of worse than they are.


#3 Declaration: After your object review of your current state, write down your declaration for what you will BE, DO and HAVE as you move through this transformation opportunity and into the newest best version of yourself. I would also suggest sharing this declaration with as many people as possible. This will anchor the action into your sub-conscience and increase the likelihood of achievement.


#4 Clear Intention: Set a clear and concise intention about why this is important to you and why you will take the necessary action to achieve your desired outcome.


#5 Power Action List: If you’ve read my book The Overweight Mind, you know I’m a fan of creating a Power Action list for the outcomes I desire. For each of your Foundational 5, I want you to declare one Power Action that you will do every day for the next 30 days.


A Power Action is a specific and definable action that creates positive momentum and moves you toward the outcome you deserve and desire.


Power Actions are non-negotiable and are not susceptible to your excuses.


#6 Rally The Team: Call your Foxhole Friends to support you and, most importantly, to hold you accountable. Remember, Foxhole Friends are unique. They don’t pacify you, and they don’t allow you to make excuses. They tell you the truth even when the truth is the last thing you want to hear. This person is rare. If you don’t have a Foxhole Friend, call me.


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